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Product GroupNew Packaging!

Our new 100% recyclable glass bottles are a testament to our commitment to your health and a healthy planet.

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Quality Assurance

PhysioLogics® continues to meet industry standards for quality assurance. As one of the top, state-of-the-art manufacturers of nutritional supplements, we monitor and control the purity and quality of every product, at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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  • productNew Product
    Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 10,000 IU is now available in one convenient rapid release softgel!

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  • productNew Product

    Now available in 10 mg, Melatonin nutritionally supports relaxation and sound sleep.*

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  • productNew Product
    Meno-K™ Complex

    New Phytoestrogen complex containing Miroestrol.*

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  • productNew Product

    A pre-converted form of Folate that provides prenatal support.*

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  • productNew Product
    Ester-C® Liquid

    Now available in liquid form, Ester-C® is a patented form of Vitamin C.*

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